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Information By Design is Now Doing Business in Southern Arizona!

Some History
In the year 2000, Maddy Urken organized Information By Design, LLC in New Jersey. Information By Design provided workflow analysis, database management, and training services to small organizations in Northern NJ and Manhattan. In 2005, Maddy dissolved the company, closed its office in Hoboken, NJ, moved to Arizona, and continued to work with selected east coast clients. In 2017, Maddy reorganized the company in Arizona.

How Information By Design Can Help Your Organization
We work with sole proprietors, professional groups, small nonprofit and for-profit businesses to design or modify their information environments in order to better support the easy acquisition, creation, modification, analysis, and reporting of the information they need to meet their goals.

Our process: We begin by working with you to assess your current information environment. We then present a proposal for enhancing that environment so that it more effectively support your organization's goals. Based on an accepted proposal, we introduce or develop tools and techniques—from file cabinet organization to complex database/workflow systems—that respect and enhance your organizational culture, staff members' skill sets, and your methods of operation. We can modify elements already in place, help you select or implement newly acquired commercially available systems, or provide unique systems according to specifications developed with you.

Does your organization have a full-time information manager?
All too often, information management gets tacked onto the job description of an already overloaded employee or volunteer—a staff person whose major responsibility is for creating a product or providing direct service to clients. In many of those cases, the information collected and reported doesn't fully satisfy the organization's needs despite the staff's best efforts. Inappropriate, sometimes costly, tools and systems are sometimes acquired but not optimized. People burn out.

There's a better way…
Certainly, all members of any organization need to be skilled in using the organization's information management systems to help them fulfill their own responsibilities, but the tasks involved in creating, modifying, troubleshooting, and maintaining those systems are often best provided by someone outside of the organization. That someone should be available when you need them and be skilled in project and information management, system development, and teaching. Information By Design can provide that someone.

Information management practices that get you closer to your goals
are the result of a continuing cycle of assessment and improvement.

  Information By Design will work with you every step of the way.

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