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About Maddy Urken and Information By Design
Professional Activity Since 2000
In 2000, Maddy left her last job in industry and organized Information By Design, LLC in New Jersey. Information By Design was a small business dedicated to providing workflow analysis, database management, and training services to small organizations including nonprofit organizations, artists, an orthopedic practice, and university research groups. In 2005, Maddy dissolved the company, closed its office in Hoboken, NJ, and moved to Arizona. Although the New Jersey-based company was dissolved, Maddy continued to work with NJ clients as a sole practitioner. In 2017, Maddy re-organized the company in Arizona and, following another move to Arlington, VA, she re-organized Information By Design in VA.
Earlier Professional Experience
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  Merck & Co, Associate and Technical Editor, The Merck Index
  Hoechst-Celanese, Manager, Research Library and
    Research Information Department
  Schering-Plough, Manager, Preclinical and Clinical Information
  McCarter & English, Attorneys at Law,Manager, Science Information
Scientific Software
  MDL Information Systems, Project Manager
  High School Chemistry Teacher (New York)
Family and Community
Maddy and her husband Arnie live in Tucson. They have two children and three grandchildren. At various times while living in Southern Arizona, Maddy has been a Community Columnist for The Green Valley News, a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Tucson, a member of the Green Valley Community Justice Board, a member of the Education and Communication committees of the Quail Creek POA, and a member of Tucson's Human Relations Commission.
Masters in Library Science  (Information Science) Rutgers University, New Jersey
Master of Arts in Teaching  (Chemistry Education) Cornell University, New York
Bachelor of Arts  (Chemistry) Cornell University, New York
How Maddy and Information By Design Can Help Your Organization
Maddy's combination of information management, education, writing, online research, and general management skills and experience makes her a valuable resource especially if your organization cannot justify having a staff member devoted to information management tasks or if you're an organization of one. Sometimes, organizations assign those tasks to an employee with an already heavy workload. All too frequently, the information collected and reported doesn't fully satisfy the organization's needs despite the staff's best efforts. That situation can result in the use of inappropriate, sometimes costly, information management tools and practices, lost opportunities, lost information, failure to meet reporting requirements, and burned out employees. Contact Maddy if you'd like to discuss your needs for information organization and workflow, reporting, technical or report writing, or instruction in the use of information systems.
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