Information By Design

All of our stand-alone projects (projects that adddress just one or two elements of your Environment) and Information Environment Designs begin with one or more discussions with people in your organization. Those discussions will enable us to provide you with an Assessment Document that includes

  • A description of the relevant elements of your current information environment
    • How you acquire information (your information sources and how you access them)
    • How and where you record and store information, when, where, and how you archive it
    • Why you need each kind of information, what you do with it
    • Workflow elements (process, procedures)
    • Information management devices (from file cabinets to complex database-centered workflow systems) related to the goals of this project.

  • A list of broadly defined steps you might take to enhance your ability to reach the goals for a stand-alone project or each project in the environment plan.

  • A description of anticipated changes that might create new information management requirements related to the goals for each project.

We will provide you with a draft of the document for review and will make any required changes. When you
are ready to move forward, the Assessment Document will become the starting point for detailed
Project Proposals.

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