Information By Design Services and Products       The Contact Tracker Spreadsheet: A QuickStartSolution

Spreadsheets aren't just for number-crunching!
They can help you control your contact, affiliation, and skills data so that it is secure and reliably searchable.

How Much Will It Cost?
  • Just the Contact Manager file with getting started and operation instructions via email (or on a thumbdrive via USPS regular mail  (Express shipping at additonal cost.)  You must own a license for either Microsoft Excel or Apple's Numbers and have the software installed on the machine that will house the <i>Contact Manager</i>.
  • The Contact Manager file and getting started walk-through via phone, Skype, or FaceTime*
  • The Contact Manager file, getting started walk-through via phone, Skype or FaceTime* and up to one hour of additional instruction via phone, Skype or and/or database content set-up, e.g., renaming data-types (fields), minor modifications to reports.

    *on-site getting started or other instruction available only in the
      Washington DC area (DMV), southern Arizona, and Phoenix AZ at this time.
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