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Information Management Cycle Segment

Education and Documentation

The concept of "lifelong learning" isn't just about academics--it definitely applies to helping all members of your organization keep up with changes in your organization's goals, practices and information environment.

Healthy organizations change or grow as time goes on. Even if the mission of the organization remains the same, it's operational goals and practices will change. If an organization's information environment is going to continue to support goal attainment, that environment needs to change with the organization.

Even small changes in procedures need to be communicated and explained to information system users. An ongoing program of information education will keep operations moving smoothly whether changes are slight or major.

Information By Design provides educational opportunities of several kinds:

The road to effective information management doesn't stop when you've upgraded information systems! In addition to ongoing education, a regular program of System Maintenance needs to begin as soon as people start using the system.

Their are other information services that are not part of the main Information Management Cycle that Information By Design can help with.

Information management practices that get you closer to your goals
are the result of a continuing cycle of assessment and improvement.

  Information By Design will work with you every step of the way.

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