Information By Design
Information Project Management - Implementation Planning
The Implementation Plan is usually part of the Proposal but is sometimes a separate document.
The plan will include:
  1. A diagram that will illustrate the sequence in which all of the project elements will be developed.
    The diagram will include
    • milestones marked with approximate dates
    • meeting dates
    • payment dates
    • testing dates
    • rollout dates for project elements

  2. A discussion of the implementation process.

  3. A discussion of general project management procedures that will support Information By Design's commitment to
    provide all of the project elements (deliverables) within the time and budget expectations described here and in the rest of the Project Proposal.

    That discussion considers the need for communication between you and Information By Design, where project management ends and information environment management begins, and procedures to manage change. Good change management is often the key to a successful project--no matter how careful we are to correctly describe and define a project, change is always with us.

  4. Acceptance Forms Whenever a discrete project element is completed, we will ask you to submit the relevant acceptance form. For example, you may have decided that your information sources will include a new survey. When the survey design is complete, you will be asked to accept it. There will also be an acceptance form that refers to the entire project.

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