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Information Education

Information By Design will

  • Recommend which existing elements might be helpful for each organizational task.

  • Develop and provide education sessions and documentation* for parts of your information environment whether or not we developed them.



Information By Design will

  • Meet with leaders to assess how well their existing environment helps them reach their organizational goals.

  • Recommend which existing elements might be modified or replaced to bring the organization closer to its goals.

  • Recommend additional educational opportunities for them and/or other members of the organization.

  • Recommend ways to acquire more of the information you need, find the information you have more quickly, create meaningful reports.


Information By Design will

  • Develop introductory documentation and education sessions* for new personnel.

  • Develop and provide educational sessions that explain how changes in the environment can help everyone get their jobs done.

  • Documentation and educational sessions are part of every Information By Design project plan.
*Education sessions can be developed for individuals or groups as webinars or in person sessions. There is no additional cost for in-person sessions in the Washington DC area (DMV) or in Southern Arizona.

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