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Information Project Management - The Project Proposal

When you decide to move forward with a project, we will provide a written, very specific, project proposal.
The proposal will contain:

  1. Detailed descriptions of the broadly described recommendations in the Assessment Document including changes made following your review of the document.
    Most recommendations fall into one of these categories:
  • Modifying existing system devices, software, and/or procedures to accommodate changes in your goals or practices, your clients' or funders' requirements, or changes in the way services are provided.
    For example, your Microsoft Access database is working just fine, but a new grant requires that you record and report activity in a way that you haven't done before. You need to expand the database to include this new information.
  • Replacing existing system elements with other kinds of technology.
    Some examples:
    We might propose replacing one or more of the paper files or spreadsheets you currently maintain with a database in order to make better use of the information you acquire and save.

    You decided that you want to make it easier for people to work at home. We can migrate your in-office-use-only database to a system that is accessible both in the office and at remote locations.

    If your organization is just getting started with systematic information management, you might want to consider one of our QuickStartSolutions. Click QuickStartSolutions for more information.
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