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Information Project Management - The Project Proposal (continued)

When you decide to move forward with a project, we will provide a written, very specific, project proposal. The proposal will contain:

  1. Detailed descriptions of the changes to your information environment (See the previous screen--Click here)

  2. Suggestions for Information Management Education

    In order for your information environment to continue to bring you closer to your goals, even small changes in procedures need to be communicated and explained to information system users.

    We will always propose one or more methods for educating organization members and organization leaders
    about how to best use the devices and procedures in your information environment.

    We can use the combination of one-on-one conversations, classroom style sessions, and online webinars that
    works best for your organization.

    All of our projects include end-user documentation.

  3. Estimated Project Budget
    Every item suggested suggested in the proposal will be associated with a cost. Payments will be made according
    to a schedule contained in the Implementation Plan.
When you accept the proposal, we will discuss your timing expectations for the project, taking into account things like vacation schedules, availability of selected representatives for milestone meetings, and deadlines. Based on that
discussion, we will provide a final project document, the Implementation Plan.

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