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Information Management Cycle Segment

Specification and Development

Specification begins when you approve the proposal resulting from our Assessment meetings.

Whether your organization wants to be heavily invested in electronic databases, wants to rely on paper for most things, or wants some combination, the information environment we will develop together will have several components. Some components will be retained, existing systems or procedures and others will be new.  Your environment will provide methods for

The detailed description of these methods is a specification. Nonfunctional mockups may be included. Once you approve the specification, we will use it as the blueprint for developing your environment.

During development, Information By Design will conduct periodic status meetings to demonstrate the results of work completed to date and discuss next steps.

The last task during system development will be extensive testing to make sure that all elements behave as expected. When that's done, we're ready to implement the new system elements and integrate them with any retained elements.

Information management practices that get you closer to your goals
are the result of a continuing cycle of assessment and improvement.

  Information By Design will work with you every step of the way.

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